Fly Check Fly Killer with Shatter Resistant Lamp

Fly Check Fly Killer

Fly-Check is an economical fly killer unit, which uses modern production techniques “insect-a-clear”. This is a cost-effective technique to produce the fly check-in stainless steel which is comparatively less than the cost of similar mild steel fly traps. It uses 2 lamps of efficiency 15 watts. Whenever you need for changing the lamps, you can do it easily. The Adhesive board fly traps that are used in this insect killer device maintain proper hygiene and environmental care. Any type of insect (small to big) is easily retained on the glue-board. So, it is suitable for those areas where hygiene is very important such as food preparation areas, kitchens, and other sensitive areas.

This Fly-Check insect killer unit uses a unique technology to hygienically and effectively capture all types of flying insects. It is different from the conventional electric fly killers, conventional fly killers units use high voltage killing grids to trap and kill the flying insects and leave unpleasant fragments of inset and contaminated spores, which is hygienically not good. But this Fly-check fly killer with the shatterresistant lamp is hygienically safe because it uses UV light technology to attract insects and then traps them on its adhesive board.

Also, this insect killer unit is completely quiet in operation. You will get rid of harmful flying insects discreetly. This fly killer unit is ideal for work against all types of flying insects (small to big). The maintenance charges of this unit are also easily accessible, our service technicians provide quick and easy service which saves your time and money and you don’t have to face any type of inconvenience.

Features of Fly Check Fly Killer

  • Discreet, stylish and impressive super slimline design
  • Adaptable quality can be mounted on a wall or a flat surface by fitting with a movable bracket
  • Low maintenance cost and time to time tool-free servicing with safety interlock
  • Supplied ready to use with two shatter-resistant lamps of 15W efficiency and discreet black glue board- with maximum catch area to trap a large number of insects
  • The maximum durability of the glue-board is around 3 months
  • it uses glue board machines of “insect-a-clear” technology which have the capability of trapping and killing even the smallest flies
  • Uses “insect-a-clear” technology of glue board to catch the flying insects
  • Safe and hygienic- after killing the insects, you don’t have to bear any bad fragments or smell
  • Both the UV lamps are manufactured by European specialist
  • This fly-check unit is manufactured and designed by UK experts
  • Easy installation process and tool-free servicing with safety interlock
  • CE approved and tested to BS EN 60598-1:2004

Fly Check Fly Killer Suitable for:

  • Domestic areas
  • Commercial areas (Restaurants, coffee shop, hotel, reception areas, and others)

Fly Check Fly Killer Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions (mm)- 490 X 70 X 305 (WxDxH)
  • Colour- Brushed Stainless steel finish
  • Type- Adhesive board
  • No of lamps- 2
  • Power of Lamps- 15W each
  • Electrical Supply (input voltage)- 220-240V/ 50Hz
  • Area of Coverage- up to 100 square meters approx.
  • Warranty: 2 years

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