Fusion 2 Fly Killer in White with Shatter Resistant Lamp

Fusion 2 Fly Killer

Fusion 2 Fly killer is the UK manufactured unit, available in white epoxy powder coated model and its other variant is in stainless steel with shattered resistant properties. It has been developed by UK hygiene experts as a pest control unit to maintain health, hygiene, and cleanliness. The Insect-a-clear Fusion insect killer comes with the two model options, the Fusion 2 and Fusion 4. It is the ideal substitute for conventional high voltage machines. It uses two high ability 18W Ultra Violet lamps for providing a total output of 36 watts and can cover approx. 100 square meter areas.

Unlike other pest control machines, the Fusion range doesn’t require any tools to access the inside of the unit that makes maintenance, cleaning, and replacing the glue boards or UV lamps, quick and simple. Glue board insect killer with UV lamps attract the insects and trap it on the glue board and doesn’t allow any type of bad fragment and smell of dead insects. It has unique ‘through board light technology’ means you can see the UV lamps from both sides of the machine and it also attracts the maximum range of flying insects. Cut-outs in the glue board emit the high attraction UV light to escape and reach otherwise ‘dark’ areas. Also, the black color of the glue boards themselves diminishes the clarity of the entrapped flies and insects.

Benefits of Using Fusion 2 Fly-Killer Unit

When we talk about the cons of flying insects, We don’t think, this topic doesn’t need to discuss more. Because everyone faces the nuisance of flying insects and pests. But here we are discussing the benefits of the Fly-killer unit. Everyone knows the problem but a few people know about its cure.

But here you will get all the benefits of using a fly-killer device (Fusion 2 Fly-killer Unit). These are the following:

  • It resists the possible spread of harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens which is carried by the flying insects.
  • Fusion range also lowers the risks of diseases which is spread through these pathogens
  • It prevents food contamination, drinks, and surfaces.
  • The Fly-killer machine also escape us from facing the nuisance of flying pests and insects
  • If you run any type of business such as restaurants, coffee shops, sandwich bars, and others, it will help you in maintaining your business reputation, because customers don’t tolerate these types of annoyance.
  • Maintain health and safety measure
  • Escape us from the biting of flying insects such as mosquitoes, house flies and others

Specifications of Fusion 2 Fly Killer :

  • Slimline and discreet design for maintaining modernity and style
  • Ideal alternative of conventional high voltage fly-killer machines
  • The quick and simple maintenance facility
  • ‘Through board light technology’ for trapping the maximum number of flies
  • Stainless steel retaining plates for easy replacement of glue boards
  • Glue boards are available in black color, which limits the visual effect of the entrapped insects
  • The easy installation process, supplied with a fitted plug as well as a cable length of 1.5 meter
  • It uses 2 UV lamps of 18W
  • Wall-mounted design
  • Provide the coverage approx. 100 square meter
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Comes with a warranty of 2 years
  • Available in white epoxy powder coated finish (another version is available in stainless steel)
  • Replacement lamps: LL18WS-O
  • Replacement Glue Boards: MGFTR2
  • Product code: FGF2SW

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