Glue60 Fly Killer in White With Shatter Resistant Lamp

Glue60 Fly Killer

The Glue60 Fly Killer is a perfect alternative to a conventional high voltage grid fly killer unit. it is available in either stainless steel or epoxy powder coated white color with shatter, which is ideal for those homes who prefer elegancy and style most. So, if you want some kind of modern and stylish fly-killer for your home, you can go with its white color, it is just amazing. It is a water-resistant fly-killer device, rated at IP64, which makes it ideal for wet areas.

In this fly-killer unit, two ultra Violet (UV) lamps have been fitted, each lamp is 15W, which has shatter-resistant features. It also uses the yellow glue board flies traps concept fitted to the stainless steel cover, to trap the flying insects, which is widely accepted by environmental health experts and hygiene specialists. UV lights help in controlling the number of flying insects, it is designed and prevents the contamination from the tray that collects the insect remains. So, it provides hygiene and health-related safety also.

The Glue60 fly-killer unit is supplied with all the attachments and accessories for wall mounting and suspended, which make it suitable and easy to install. Dust guards (not shown) are also supplied with this unit.

These insect-killer Glue series are made of tempered stainless steel, which has an exclusive two-tiered trapping system, perfect for larger areas (up to 180 square meters). Now, this unit is integrated with an electronic ballast which extracts the need for starters and uses voltages 110V-240V

The Glu60 insect-killer uses Insect-a-clear technology which is ideal for use in commercial kitchen, food processing, and food preparation areas, also suitable for bakeries, dairy parlors, and any food-related areas.

Glue60 Fly Killer Features

  • Glu60 fly killer series is manufactured by using the best quality components and based on the latest technology
  • Easily Mountable on the wall and suspended unit
  • Epoxy powder coated white finish
  • Corrosion resistance glue board
  • Energy-efficient unit to consume low energy
  • Longer service life
  • Robust design
  • Smooth operation
  • Eliminates the risk of contamination and bad smell or fragment of dead insects
  • Peace of mind- fulfills all the health, safety, and legal requirements
  • Incorporated with an electronic ballast, removes the need for starters and also allows for voltages 110V-240V
  • Using 2 x 15W shatter resistant UV lights and glue board
  • Supplied with all the needed accessories such as screws, chain and wall plugs
  • Yellow glue board fly killer
  • IP65 rated, ideal for wet areas
  • Also supplied with dust guards (not shown)
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

Glue60 Fly Killer Suitable for:

  • Food processing plants such as kitchen, Food storage areas, Food preparing areas, Dairy parlors
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Hospital and clinics

Technical Specification of Glue60 Fly Killer

Product code: FG6CSWD

Coverage area: 100 square meters approx.

Lamps: 2 x 15W x 18”

Rated: IP65

Replacement lamps: LS15WS-W

Replacement Glue Boards: MG6TRA-Y

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