Lantern Fly Killer in Stainless Steel with Standard Lamps

Lantern Fly Killer

The Insect-a-clear Lantern Fly killer unit is a small-sized bug zapper, but very efficient in trapping and killing the insects. It is designed by the fly killer machine specialist, ideal for outside uses such as barbecue areas, restaurants, outside catering companies. Its small and portable design makes it easy to carry, so you can take it anywhere easily. The stainless steel outer cage and powder painted steel lid and detachable trap tray are used in this fly-killer machine to make it durable.

This lantern fly killer is based on ‘bug zappers’ tested to IPX4, it is an electrical discharge insect control machine. The light source attracts the insects to an electric grid, where they are trapped between the high voltage wires and killed. The fitted tray collects these trapped and killed insects.

Benefits of lantern Fly Killer Machine

  • This is an electric grid fly killer machine, which makes it user friendly. The pests and insects are attracted to its powerful light and the killed them by its electroshock property.
  • The small and portable design makes it easy to carry and handle
  • Energy-efficient and low power consuming fly-killer unit, save the extra electricity bill
  • It can be easily free-standing on the floor and suspended
  • Uses fitted tray for collecting the trapped and killer insects or pests, which can be easily removed and cleaned
  • A beautiful design like a cage
  • It can be used almost everywhere like your home, restaurants, factory, kitchen, food processing areas, food factories, food storage areas, Barbecue, and many other places where safety from insects and pests is required.
  • It also maintains the hygiene, because it uses tray for collecting the dead insects which prevent the contamination.

Specifications Lantern Fly Killer:

  • Designed by professionals
  • Uses bug Zappers
  • IPX4 Rated
  • Ideal for both the domestic and commercial uses
  • The outer cage is made of stainless steel
  • Using detachable catch tray
  • An electric Grid Fly Killer
  • Supplied with fitted plug with a cable length of 1.5 meter
  • Available in two color options, black or stainless steel
  • It uses a powerful lamp of 18W for attracting the maximum number of insects
  • It gives the coverage of approx. 100 square meter
  • Product code- FL3CBB
  • Lamp Code- LS18WXO
  • Come with a warranty of 2 years
  • It is the UK manufactured Lantern Fly killer device
  • Height: 440 mm
  • Diameter: 305 mm
  • It can be placed suspended or freestanding

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