T50 Fly killer in White with Shatter Resistant Lamps

T50 Fly killer

The Insect-a-clear T50 Fly killer has been designed for controlling the flying insects in the Domestic and commercial areas. It is one of the best insect-killer machines for use in restaurants, kitchen areas, food shops, food storage areas, food preparing areas, fast food outlets, and more. it is available in two color options, one is in powder-coated white, and the other is in semi-bright stainless steel color. It comes with the tools free servicing features that avail quick release guard and detachable stainless steel high tension grid. It is an electric grid fly-killer device that uses circline lamps of 22W efficiency with shatter-resistant properties. The installation of this fly-killing unit is easy and simple, it can be wall-mounted as well as free-standing suspension.  

Why You Should Choose T50 Fly Killer Unit

If you have annoyed with the flying insects and pests and thinking of buying a Fly-killer for your house, office spaces, Restaurants, Coffee shops, and any other commercial spaces. you can take a look on the T50 Fly-killer Unit. it is an electric grid fly killer that uses unique Insect-a-clear technology or glue board to capture and kill flying insects.

The T50 fly killer ranges are perfect for the indoor environments as well as a wide variety of businesses for providing highly effective insect and fly control. Each T50 fly killer unit is designed to offer all legal, hygiene, health, and safety requirements. They are scientifically approved for providing optimum performance.

Its discreet and stylish design makes it perfect for any type of public area. It is supplied ready for use and suitable for both the wall mounting or free-standing suspension so that you don’t have to face any type of problem-related to its installation. If you prefer style and modernity in your life, you can go for the model which is available in white colors, it will define your modern lifestyle very well as well as maintain the hygiene, health, and safety.

Specifications of T50 Fly killer:

  • Available in two color options: powder-coated white and semi-bright stainless steel
  • Suitable for both the domestic and public places
  • Tools free servicing for easiness and little disturbance to your work
  • It comes with both the options of Wall mounting or Free-standing
  • Uses Circline Lamps of 22W for attracting the flying insects and pests
  • It is an electric grid fly killer
  • Supplied with fitted plug with a cable length of 1.5m
  • Easy and hassle-free installation
  • Provides peace of mind- fulfills legal, health and safety requirements
  • Safe and hygienic- no bad smell and fragment of dead pesticides or flying insect
  • Get rid of the annoyance caused by flying insects
  • Replacement lamps (LS22WSW) available
  • Comes with a warranty of 2 years
  • coverage area limits: approx. 60 to 100 square meter
  • A UK manufacturing fly-killer machine
  • Product code- F50CSW

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