Fly Shield Solo 2 With Standard Lamp

Fly Shield Solo 2

Fly Shield Solo is an insect control unit which has been designed in the UK by one of Europe’s largest insect control experts.  It comes with a 20W energy saving ultraviolet standard lamp. It is made up of anodized aluminum which provides easy and simple cleaning process to the users. This insect control unit is light in weight that’s why it is portable, so you can take it anywhere easily.

This insect control device is constructed in a superb design and the standard lamp provides it a subtle glow which makes it attractive for the visitors as well as users. This insect control device is ideal not only for domestic use but also for restaurants, coffee shops, sandwich bars, reception areas (means commercial use).

Why You Should Buy Fly Shield Solo 2

Fly Shield Solo is an ideal insect controller device. You can use it not only in your home but also in other commercial spaces. Flying insects create an annoyance and also harmful to our health. It can contaminate the food, equipment, and surfaces because they carry a large number of hazardous bacteria, viruses, and microorganism. Flying insects can create a major risk to the people as well as your business. For controlling the flying of insects, the Shield Solo 2 with a standard lamp has been designed. It offers a full range of fly control units designed to keep your business and home safe and compliant.

How Fly Shield Solo 2 Works?

The Fly Shield Solo 2 insect control unit is a very powerful tool for removing the possibilities of fly insect activity. This insect control unit work by attracting the flying insect with UV light and then kill them on its electronic killing grid or trap the insects on its glue board. With the support of the UK manufacturer, we can supply and serve an inclusive range of units for every type of application including domestic as well as Commercial.

Features of Fly Shield Solo 2

  • Discreet, Stylish and Effective design, make it suitable for both the domestic uses and commercial uses (Restaurants, Coffee shops, hotels, sandwich wars, reception areas and more)
  • Highly impressive performance- eliminates the annoyance caused by flying insects
  • Safety Compliant: chemical-free flying insect killer
  • There is a Glue board uses in this insect control unit for trapping and killing flying insects
  • Designed to be hygienic and to meet all legal and health and safety requirements
  • Constructed from anodized aluminum for excellent corrosion resistance and making it easy to clean and portable
  • Suitable for both the wall-mounting and free-standing installation according to your comfort
  • Manufactured by Europe’s largest insect control specialist
  • Peace of mind- provide legal, health and safety requirements
  • It can attract the flying insects within areas of 90m
  • Tested to BSEN 60598-2/1998 & 60598-1:2004, to ensure optimum performance
  • Approved by CE
  • Dimension: W230mm X H310mm X D125mm
  • Simple and Flexible Installation: Supplied ready to use the product with the hassle-free installation process and suitable for wall mounting or free-standing on a tabletop
  • Comes with a warranty of 1 year

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