Protect a Lite 8 Fly Killer

Protect a Lite 8 Fly Killer

Protect-a-lite 8 has been designed discreetly and attractively. It is ideal for both domestic and small commercial uses. Its unique design makes it suitable for both wall-mounted and free-standing installation. The Protect-a-lite 8 uses a powerful ultraviolet lamp that attracts flying insects towards the fly-killer machine. In this fly-trapping machine, a glue board is placed on which the flying insects and pests are trapped. This glue board is placed out of sight so that it can provide discrete control of flying insects. It is easy to install the insect-killer device without any inconvenience. The maintenance and servicing of the product are also quick and simple. This Protect a lite 8 pest-killer machine also maintains complete safety and hygiene to you and your family. This is only recommended for indoor uses because its coverage is not so large. The UV light which is used in this fly-killer unit is not so powerful to use in large areas, it can only cover 18 square meter areas, but it is perfect for indoor uses.

What’s the Advantage of Protect-a-lite 8 Fly Killer

The Protect-a-lite 8 Fly Killer is designed only for indoor house uses, it uses an advanced technology that offers a stylish and impressive way of controlling flying insects in your house. There are many advantages to this insect-killer unit. these are such as:

  • Its discreet and stylish design makes it perfect for modern houses
  • It is suitable for a range of indoor environments for highly effective fly control
  • Quick, flexible and hassle-free installation, supplied ready to use and suitable for placing on both the wall mounting or tabletop
  • It covers all the safety compliant, which conforms to all relevant European electrical and UV safety standards. It provides proper safety to our foods, drinks, and surfaces and prevents the contamination of food.
  • The highly effective operation reduces the nuisance caused by flies and insects
  • After killing the insects, you won’t have to face any dead insect fragments
  • It is constructed to be hygienic and to meet all legal and health and safety requirements

Specification of Protect a Lite 8 Fly Killer:

  • Unique attractive design
  • Suitable for only indoor application
  • Powerful Ultra Violet (UV) light
  • Easy to install and service and safe to use
  • It doesn’t attract the large domestic flies, ideal for smaller insects or flies
  • Wall-mounted or free-standing for providing a user-friendly experience
  • 8W tight UV lamp
  • It is usable for discreet pest control
  • Replacement lamp code: LT08WXW
  • It just provides coverage of 18 square meter which is only suitable for house flying-insect controlling
  • Product code: FGP8BW
  • Comes with a warranty of 1 year

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