T35 Fly Killer in White with Shatter Resistant Lamps

T35 Fly Killer

Are you looking for a fly-killer which helps you in getting rid of flying insects and pests? Then T35 fly killer in white with shatter-resistant Lamps will help you to make your home, office spaces, and other areas, insects, and fly free. It has been designed for areas where wall space or ceiling height is restricted. Its slim and modern design suits the people’s modern lifestyle and houses also, so you don’t need to think that it will match or not with your modern designed house. T35 fly killers come with both the wall-mounting and free-standing options which makes it suitable for suspension.

The white finish of this Fly-killer provides it an elegant look, (it is also available in stainless steel option). This insect-killer device doesn’t require any tool for servicing and uses quick release front guards and detachable stainless steel high tension grids. The Ultra Violet lamp which is used in this fly-killer machine is 15-watt efficiency and shatter-resistant. Mainly it is constructed for the commercial sector, the high attractive formula of this UV lamp is powerful enough to cover areas up to 55 square meters.

Where to install T35 Fly Killer?

We already know that the T35 Fly killer covers both the options of installing wall-mounting and free-standing. But it doesn’t mean that you can suspend it anywhere, you will have to very careful about its installation. So, here we discuss “where to install your T35 fly killer machine.

Before the installation of the insect-killer machine, you should consider 4 types of factors which will help in improving the performance for your fly-killer machine.

  • Find the Ideal Place- According to our experiences, it is better to place the T35 fly killer machine is just inside and above your main door. It is the place where the fly-killer unit restricts the entry of insects into the house. This ensures full protection and even safety for you.
  • Avoid outside entry points- Never consider the outside entry points for installing the fly-killer machine. Because if you install it outside the entry point, it will not able to attract the insects or flies which are already inside the house and any area.
  • Ideal Height- Usually the average flight of insects is around 5 to 8 feet high, so installing the device around these ranges of heights, will be very effective to trap and kill the insects.
  • Placed T35 Fly Killer away from other light Sources-

Avoid installation of your T35 fly killer machine near other powerful sources of light, because it may happen, it will not give you the effective result to install with other lights. Other lights can distract the insects and take it away from T35 UV light

Note: For maintaining the best food safety practice and save your food from contamination, do not place the electric T35 Fly killer above your food preparation surface, in case any insect dropping down (Usually which does not happen) unfortunately into your food, this will cause contamination or wastage of food. So, avoid the installation above the food preparation surface

Specifications of T35 Fly Killer:

  • White powder-coated and Stainless steel options available
  • Powerful UV lamp of 15 watts with shatter-resistant features
  • Uses insect-a-clear technology
  • Coverage areas up to 55 square meter
  • Suitable for both commercial and domestic uses, but it mainly constructed for commercial uses.
  • Made in the Uk
  • For the main construction only steel case has been used, (no plastic in main construction)
  • CE approved and BSEN tested
  • Electric Grid Fly Killer
  • Generally used with a cluster box
  • Wall-mounting and free-standing device, supplied with a fitted plug and a cable length of 1.5m
  • Product code- F35CSW
  • Replacement lamp- LS15WSW
  • Dimension (mm): 230 x 500 x 145 (H x W x D)

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