Fly Shield One Fly Killer With Standard Lamp

Glue Board Fly Killer

The Fly Shield One Fly Killer has been designed stylishly and effectively to provide full protection from flying insects. The Fly Shield insect killer has come in the three models options in different ranges (Fly-Shield 1, 2, and 4). These are the best alternative of traditional or conventional high voltage insect killer machines. If we talk about models 1 and 2, they are ideal for the front part of the house to kill the flying insect or flying insect control where the discreet level of management required. But the Model number 4 is useful for the large spaces or areas where require about 360 square meter coverage for controlling a large number of flying insects.

Why you need “Fly-Shield One Fly Killer”?

We, all have to always face the problem of flying insects in our home, offices, and other different places. And in the warmer summer months, flying insects can be a huge problem. They are not only irritating but also harmful to our health and hygiene. These flying insects can spoil your food and spread dangerous diseases also.

But our “Fly-Shield one Fly Killer” is a permanent solution for killing these harmful insects which carry many types of hazardous bacteria and viruses with them. They are ideal for your homes, businesses, offices, and industrial premises, especially for all the food processing or food cooking areas like kitchen, food storage areas, and others. So, if you are a hygiene conscious person, you should try it once for providing a healthy and hygienic life to yourself, your family, and customers.

How “Fly-Shield One Fly killer with Standard lamp” works?

The Fly-Shield One Fly Killer with Standard Lamp uses 18W UV light for an effective fly or insect control. If you have noticed, you will see that flies always used to hover around the lights, because they are attracted to the lights. The scientific reason behind this attraction is the insects always give a positive response to lights, this is known as positive phototaxis. And this is probably the reason behind using UV light in the insect-killer unit, so that it attracts the flies and insects, trap them on the glue board and kill them. The attraction level of UV lights are higher than other lights, the insects can be trapped easily.


  • Uses “insect-a-clear” glue board for trapping and killing the flying insects
  • Stylish and contemporary design, look like just an attractive wall light
  • Comprises three Models (Fly-Shield 1,2 and 4)
  • Models number 1 and 2 are ideal for front housing part to control the flying insects
  • Model 4 is suitable for large space areas
  • Brushed Satin finish
  • Using a UV lamp of power 18W, flue board fly killer
  • Easy replacement of lamps (LL18WX-0), when needed
  • The easy and hassle-free installation process, supplied with a cable length of 1.5m
  • Glue boards: MG1TRA
  • Slimline and discreet design
  • Wall-mounted fittings
  • Manufactured in Uk
  • Comes with a 2 years warranty
  • Ideal for the Domestic uses, Restaurants, Sandwich bars, Coffee shops, and Reception areas
  • Dimensions (mm): 250 x 345 x 115 (Height x width x Depth)

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